Easter Time

Play Easter games

                     Easter vocabulary games
                     Picture vocabulary
                     Picture match quiz
                     Spelling quiz




On Thursday 15th  November 2012 at  midday we  have our "Magosto" in our school C.P.I. da  Ribeira.
We are going to play different  games using chesnuts in our playground  and then we are going to eat the delicious roast chestnuts.
Good luck to all of you!

The Time and the School Subjects

Learn the time

1.Complete the time
2.Write the time
3. Stop the clock
4.Tell the time
5.More clocks to practise the time

Learn the School Subjects:
                     SCHOOL     TIMETABLE

Other subjects:
Literature, IT, Galician, Religion...


Practice verb to be in present simple:
-Go to angles365.com enter into  exercises on line class 5 and then grammar
-Go to http://www.englishexercises.org/makeagame/viewgame.asp?id=2009


I love technology

Do you Know these gadgets?
Do you want to practice the vocabulary? Click here 
Do you want to play a game? Click here
Do you want to play a more difficult game? Click here

TV  camera  sunglasses
MP3 player   computer
CD player        monitor
web cam            printer
scanner          pen drive
printer      video camera
mobile           keyboard
DVD player    laptop
computer mouse   tablet

Possessive pronouns exercise on line click here
Possessive pronouns exercise on line click here 
Possessive pronouns exercise on line click here
 Answers key for Tecnology Exercises click here
 Answers key for possessive pronouns click here 


30th January 2012
School Day of Peace

Friendship  Respectful  Polite...

Write more words in your Peace Dove.

Information and more activities click here


Jobs and professions

        GAMES: Hangman click here,  Maze click here, Matching click here

            A firefighter                                                                           A doctor


Merry Christmas

Let's sing carols.
Let's play Christmas games.
Let's review vocabulary.
Let's learn more vocabulary.
If you know the password click here.

There are other possibilities
 if you don't know the password:

Let's play Christmas games click here.
Let's find Christmas printables click here.
Let's design Christmas cards click here.